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And we are BACK!

After some delays related to personal and personnel issues, we are back and rolling full speed! We can announce that we will be playing a CD release party on December 29th (a Sunday) at SAVINO LIVE in Larnaca with the amazing Pink Floyd tribute band PIGS ON THE WING (check their facebook group by clicking their image below. You might just recognize one or more of them) doing a set on either side of ours. Yes, to those that are wondering, Jen will be on vocals!!! Also, we will have a surprise for ALL delivered on the stage that night. More details to come…


STREAM ‘The New Manifesto’ here!

You can find links for downloading and other streaming options of ‘The New Manifesto’ in our STUFF page


The New Manifesto (our debut album) goes digitally LIVE!

new manifesto digital release


We are damned proud and thrilled to announce Jennifer Ioannidou as our new singer and Bobby “Z” Xenophontos as our new Drum slammer! Lots of things in motion and work going on to bring it all to your eyes and ears! Check out our Facebook page for the most current news and goodies!



Here it is!

NM cover

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